February 2 2023

Available for download Release of PathoProof Mastitis PC Software for Thermo Scientific™ PathoProof™ kits

This version fixes license issues.

The current Version can be found here:  Mastitis release download


January 28 2023

Available for download Release Update of PathoProof Mastitis PC Software for Thermo Scientific™ PathoProof™ kits

This version fixes the highlight bar color issue in the results pane.

The current Version can be found here:  Mastitis Update release download


January 23  2023

Available for download Release 64bit Version of PathoProof Mastitis PC Software for Thermo Scientific™ PathoProof™ kits

The current Version can be found here:  Mastitis 64bit release download


August 2022

Available for download Release 64bit Version (CT) (corrected templates) of PathoProof Mastitis PC Software for Thermo Scientific™ PathoProof™ kits

The current Version can be found here:  Mastitis 64bit release download


February 2022

Available soon the new release 64-Bit Version of PathoProof Mastitis PC Software for Thermo Scientific™ PathoProof™ kits

As Microsoft has dropped the Windows 32-Bit version of the OS we have now ported the software to native 64-bit

Please check in from time to time to see if it is available for download.

The current 32-Bit Version can be found here:  Mastitis 1.8.7 release download


January 2022

Check out our updated iOS Apps for iOS 15:

Battery Monitor:






And from our site:



September 2021

We just added 100% native Android Java library classes and native USB drivers to our thermal controller solutions.

Provided is also a complete ready to complile and run Android app to print directly from the Android device to our Printer EVK boards. This will speed up mobile printer or general thermal printer integration with Android systems.

You can find the new Android intergration solution at the download section at:



March 2021

Check out our printer controller chip NL024 for 24V thermal printer heads with cutters.

The NL024 is now shipping in quantity.

All our chips are RoHS certified.

More at our dedicated Printer Controller site:  www.printercontoller.com


July 2020

We updated some capabilities of our printer controllers:

Starting from firmware release 1.15:

- Almost all supported language sets enabled by default

- QR code generation is now part of the chip feature set via ESC commands

- Paper out and Temperature high are now events pushed to the host

- Font attributes can now be combined: e.g. Italic and Underlined

- Bitmaps can now be stored on the chips extra flash space and also printed from flash

We can provide complete interface boards with USBBluetoothBluetooth LE interfaces besides the standard TTL serial connection.

You can find more at:



May 2020

We are back to full production capability after the corona lock down. We also have launched the EVK boards for our NL024 line of printer chips. Several documents, firmware and software have been updated.

You can find more at:


Stay Safe!


January 2020:

Our new NL024 printer controller chip for print heads ranging from 5V - 24V with auto cutters in the size of 58mm and 80mm is ready. Available for customers starting 02/2020. More details and specifications soon at our dedicated site:


Thermal Print Heads Supported by our controller family: 

We are continuously adding new printer heads to our controllers. Please contact us if you don't see your selected print head.


  • Fujitsu FTP628MCL101
  • Fujitsu FTP628MCL103
  • Seiko LPTZ245B/D/...
  • Seiko LTP01-245
  • Seiko LTP02-245
  • Samsung SMP685
  • Samsung SMP695
  • PRT PT486F
  • PRT PT48D
  • WinsPu TP2VX
  • WinsPu TP2SX
  • WinsPu TP2ZX

and compatible


  • Fujitsu FTP638MCL101
  • Fujitsu FTP638MCL103
  • PRT PT723F-B

and compatible

Print Heads with Auto Cutters:


  • Fujitsu FTP628MCL401
  • PRT PT486F08401

and compatible


  • Fujitsu FTP638MCL401
  • Fujitsu FTP637MCL401
  • PRT PT723F08401
  • PRT PT723F24401

and compatible


December 2019:

Pair your Arduino, ESP8266, ESP32, Android SOC or Raspberry Pi Linux project or product with our ready to go NL023 TTL-UART interface board and create a thermal printer or mobile thermal printer solution in record time.

More information at:

NL023 Interface Board at www.printcontroller.com 


November 2019:

New Web Site dedicated to our Printer Hardware:




Norden Logic released a brand new family of tiny powerful 32-bit ARM based thermal printer controllers. The NL02x range of controllers supports 58mm and 80mm print heads selectable via software command. Print heads from all major manufacturer on the market can be used - please see the respective datasheets for more details. A variant version of the controller also supports thermal printers with auto cutters. The first chip in the NL02x range is the NL022. Printer Evaluation boards for a variety of supported print heads are available to order as well.

The NL022 has been designed and tested, among others, for the new SEIKO LOW POWER print head: LTP02-245-C1.

The controllers are rated for industrial as well as consumer based applications.


Chip Family:

NL022 - SMD Chip supports many 58mm and 80mm Thermal Print Heads (3.2V - 9V)

NL023 - ZIF Package 100% Pin Compatible with Legacy ZYTP58-FT6B with new ARM core and faster printing routines (5V - 9V)

NL024 - SMD Chip supports selected 58mm and 80mm Thermal Print Heads with Auto-Cutters (5V - 24V)


NL022 Thermal Printer Controller Datasheet



September 2019: 

Available now new release Version 1.8.7 of PathoProof Mastitis PC Software for Thermo Scientific™ PathoProof™ kits

Software is available here:  Mastitis 1.8.7 release download