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NavTex BLE for iOS

Nasa NavTex BT LE for the new Nasa Marine NavTex Receiver BT-3 is now available for iOS.

NavTex BT LE is a fully loaded package around the NavTex service. It requires the Nasa NavTex BT-3 receiver.
All information needed to work with NavTex is included in several databases including NavTex Station Broadcast Schedules and Frequencies and a lot more.

The information is transmitted using Low Energy Bluetooth (Bluetooth 4.x or higher) and can be viewed on any compatible device running Apple iOS 9.x and WatchOS 2.x.

Nasa Hardware:  NavTex BT-3



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Nasa NavTex BT LE is available from the Apple App Store

Nasa NavTex BT LE 1.0.0 (1.0.17)